The state of the Mechs as of Autumn 2021

Who are we?

We is me -Joshua Nye- and the giant robots. Born at a surprisingly young age, I soon got an obsession with robots after watching "Short Circuit", going so far as to run around with a bucket on my head pretending to be one.

Now, nearly 20 years later with only 1 semester of engineering my buckets have gotten a bit more complicated.



By making our mechs cheaply, any hobbyist can build their own and focus on breaking the mech rather than the budget!


When things are simple, they're easy to build, maintain and repair so you can focus on having fun with the mechs than getting them to work.


By using common parts unit prices are kept down, the parts are easy to find, are familiar to work with and have lots of documentation available!


Lead Mechnomancer Joshua Nye (left) and Marduk

We do not only make the giant robots from fiction into reality.  There are many others who do that.  What separates us from the rest is that we strive to make our machines easy to build & maintain.  As a consequence, they are also comparatively cheap.  That way anyone can build their own.

The most successful sports and industries started as amateurs having fun in their backyard.  You cannot have a giant robot competition if competitors cannot afford to build one,  or are worried about fixing the machine if it breaks during play.

In addition, our technologies & techniques already exist.  By sharing our techniques we are not revealing some big secret, we're just letting people know what they can do with what they already have.  The only difference is that our machines are much, much bigger!



Nye Mechworks Builds giant robots that anyone can make on a DIY budget!

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